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Hello LoseIt community. This is my success story from 205-210 pounds to 167 pounds and pushing onwards.
I wanted to express my gratitude to the developers out here, the community that exists here and also wanted to take the chance to introduce myself. I wouldn’t mind a few friends to ensure I keep up my loss. I know there’s an introduction thread, a before/after picture thread, and various other threads that already exist… but there wasn’t really a success story thread. If the moderators wish to move this thread, or maybe create this as a sticky, do what you need to do 🙂
This is a success story and I wanted to at least share it with the community.
I first started out at around 205-210 pounds (5’9″) starting in March of this year, I just got a job and I never did my walk for my college diploma. I never really take photos of myself because of the weight.
March 10th, 2011 205-210 pounds
When starting out at work, everything was fine and I was doing very well at the job. It’s a start/up moving to be a successful research company for Real Estate listing information, and I’m a support person. The one thing I noticed was that a few of the people were really into fitness, including my boss.
I get an iPhone with the new income coming in and I started taking more pictures. I take a few and one night I took one of myself in my room and noticed how fat I have got to be and I become disgusted with myself. I did more research and I figured out in my BMI levels, I was technically just getting into the Obese levels…
April 22nd, 2011 205-210 pounds
That’s when I decided, that’s it, I’m not putting up with this.
I found the LoseIt app a few weeks before this hit because I was aware of my overweight… but didn’t do anything about it. When I saw that fat picture of myself, it’s what drove me to commit. I took many more pictures, but I felt these are the ones that show the most. What drove me to lose the weight was the pictures of the updates of my weight loss. I am also single and I felt that if I want to give myself any sort of chance out there, I need to get myself into great shape.
May 23rd, 2011 195 pounds
July 9th 2011 180-185 pounds
October 17th, 2011 167 pounds
Today you can see me as a different person, and I am loving it. I am aimming for a weight of around 160 pounds, maybe hit 157 to make it an even 50 pounds lost. I also want to push myself to become an incredible volleyball player and to have not a bodybuilder body… but the body of a competitive athlete.
I gave this e-mail to my friend, who now is a member here at LoseIt! and I attached the e-mail with screenshots of various LoseIt measuring stats. It’s my general advice on how I am achieving my goals.
The hardest thing to do is to completely trust calorie counts and how much exercise burns those calories. What I mean is that even though you are marking down you’ve burned more calories to make it like a 2 pounds lost for the week, it may not show up… I’ve done a lot of research with my boss on weight loss strategies, how it works, and how to come up with my diet. But here’s my general plan that I came up with and I like it a lot.
Where I started from: 205-210 pounds. Eating around 3000 usually… maybe close to 4000 here and there calories a week sometimes, lots of extra snacks and liquid calories.
1) Figure out your needs. What foods can you not give up, what type of sweets/extra can you not give up?
This was hard for me, I realized what food I wanted to have near work, and near my house. Things may have got a little more expensive, but I was getting results. I wanted to have burritos, sandwiches and pizza in my diet. So I looked around and found the best solutions. I gave up mayo and extra stuff on sandwiches, went from large sandwiches to regulars, found a more healthy type of pizza and forced myself only to a certain # of slices and the burritos were like my reward food.
What I gave up: Soda, Goldfish crackers and extra snacking.
2) How to gauge the calories ate and calories burned. This is the main question you asked me. I have screenshots! You can see my weight spikes, this is extremely important with weight loss. It’s going to SUCK. But it’s just what happens.
3) With any calorie reduction diet, remember a cheat day helps you maintain weight loss. Don’t go crazy on it, but it kicks up your metabolism rate if it’s thinking it’s starving. It always makes you want to keep up on the diet by giving you a reward, something to remember we want to enjoy life.
4) Drink lots of water. Drink up. Sometimes your body wants to eat stuff, but it just needs some water. Water can also influence your weight gain/loss so always consider how much water you are drinking when you weigh yourself.
5) Weigh yourself often to figure out how your body is reacting, but create an official “lowest possible weight for the week” day. I just came up with this idea and it’s fantastic.
I combine this with my cheat day. On Friday night, I usually get something low in calories, chicken caesar wrap (550 calories.) I exercise that night as well. In Saturday morning, I do morning exercises, try to drink enough water so I’m not dehydrated during the exercise and then weigh myself. This should be your lowest weight of the week. I treat this day as my gauge.
Again, thank you very much. I want to ensure I keep up my weight loss, wouldn’t mind friends or buddies to ensure I keep this up because I want to build myself a body, but without this LoseIt app to keep everything visual and to track everything I am doing, I do not know if I would have been this successful, this fast.
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